Devipattinam Navapashanam Temple

Devipattinam Navapashanam Temple is a significant Hindu temple located in the coastal town of Devipattinam in the Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu, India. This temple is renowned for its association with Navapashanam, which are nine sacred stones believed to have extraordinary mystical properties. Here's an elaboration on Devipattinam Navapashanam Temple:

Navapashanam Stones:

The primary attraction of Devipattinam Navapashanam Temple is the nine Navapashanam stones. These stones are believed to have been created by the legendary saint and Siddhar, Bhogar, using a secret alchemical process. It is believed that these stones possess unique properties and are associated with various healing and spiritual benefits. Each stone is said to have specific characteristics and can cure specific ailments.


The temple is dedicated to the goddess Devi, and she is worshipped here in the form of Devi Pattinam. Devotees come here to seek her blessings for various purposes, including health, prosperity, and well-being.


The temple is immersed in mythology and legends. As per one tale, Lord Rama sought the blessings of the goddess Devi Pattinam prior to commencing his expedition to Lanka in order to rescue his spouse, Sita. It is believed that the goddess bestowed her blessings upon him for his noble undertaking. Additionally, the temple holds significance in relation to numerous narratives from the epic Ramayana.

Rituals and Worship:

The temple carries out daily pujas and abhishekams, where devotees offer prayers, perform archanas, and seek the blessings of the goddess. Additionally, special pujas are organized on significant festival occasions.


The temple hosts numerous festivals, which are joyously celebrated with fervor and excitement.One of the most important festivals is the annual Masi Magam festival, which attracts a large number of devotees.During this festival, the Navapashanam stones are removed from the temple's sanctum sanctorum and are believed to absorb energy from the sun and moon.


Devipattinam is a coastal town situated in the Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu, approximately 70 kilometers from Rameswaram. Its proximity to the Bay of Bengal adds to its scenic beauty, making it an attractive destination for pilgrims and tourists alike.

Historical Significance:

The temple and the Navapashanam stones hold historical significance and are considered precious by the local community. The belief in the healing properties of these stones and their association with spirituality have been passed down through generations.


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Devipattinam Navapashanam Temple is a unique and spiritually significant place where devotees come to seek blessings, healing, and a sense of divine connection. The mystique surrounding the Navapashanam stones adds an aura of mystery and intrigue to the temple, making it a place of great interest for those exploring the rich religious and cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu.